Marcin Piekarski – knowledge-based engineering and energy management

I have been involved in energy-related issues for more than 20 years, and in fact, not only do I deal with them professionally, but it is also something I have a keen interest in. This interest pushed me to studying environmental engineering, then I became a designer of various HVAC systems, and in the next step I led a team and supervised their implementation in practice. So I can say that I turned my interest of what’s going on with heat and energy into a profession and saw firsthand what it’s all about.

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Efficient cooling with chillers

These are, very interesting devices for cooling systems, which, however, require a meticulous design and idea of operation.


The BMS manages the building, and the EMS manages heat and energy, or in effect finances, is nothing more than the added value we should expect from each of these systems.

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