EnobEMS is a structured system for managing and saving heat and energy.

This is an activity in which we analyze, on a continuous basis, the consumption of each type of heat and energy by facilities and suggest, design and supervise the implementation of beneficial changes.

In other words, it’s a long-term review and collaboration aimed at sustainably reducing the consumption and, above all, the cost of using the facilities.

Our team of experienced engineers, designers and practitioners work on the technical side of our projects and their implementation in the facility.

Do you know,

 how much heat and energy the facilities you manage actually consume  ?

how much do the facilities you manage consume in terms of heat and energy?how do they perform against the competition, using more or less?what specifically can be done to continuously reduce consumption?how to design and implement projects that will pay off the fastest?how to measure the outcome of improvements?

The future of the facilities is clear - they are all going to be  zero energy.

We are acting right now - reducing heat and energy consumption, with


That the future is in good hands; we are already working towards zero-energy facilities.


that the actions we take are meritorious and most beneficial.


because the results are transparent and the savings are tangible.

EnobEMS’s main advantages:

Continuous Energy and Facility Audit - available online (updated on a regular basis)

List of changes to be made and executive designs of the best solutions

Supervision of project implementation and long-term verification of the results

Complete view of energy consumption - multiple sources, different fuels.

Evaluates projects in terms of SPBT, ROI and building power consumption against similar facilities

More details and benefits of EnobEMS, in table.

It reduces heat and energy consumption in subsequent years
Indicates the next actions and projects
The care of a dedicated engineer
HVAC installations projects
Up-to-date energy efficiency characteristics of the facility
It compares the building against other objects
It shows the actual price for heat and power
Allocates consumption among facility parts and processes
Compares the financial data, that is, the cost in the subsequent years
Analyzes the projects's cost effectiveness
Analyzes available energy media
Constant and real-time access to projects, documents and results

See the solutions and designs that have worked best for our Clients.